I am a French Dharma and Vinyasa Yoga teacher in London and  love sharing and transmitting my passion for Yoga.  I am happy to share both types of Yoga with my students.

Dharma Yoga is named after Sri Dharma Mittra, a classical Hatha-Raja Yoga Master, born in 1939, who devoted fifty years of his life to the direct experience and dissemination of Yoga as a holy science.  Dharma Yoga is in essence a system of classical Hatha Raja Yoga, which focuses on the Eight Limbs of Yoga of Patanjali’s Ashtanga Yoga system and is deeply rooted in compassion towards all. The physical practice is a graceful and challenging practice, in which the main Yoga postures/asanas are taught.  Classes start with a vinyasa warm-up, followed by more stationary poses that we hold or work on for longer than in the Vinyasa practice.  Pranayama and a short meditation follow when time allows.  The practice is accessible to all and variations are offered to suit all  students' conditions.  It brings a feeling of openness in the body, strength and calm.

In Vinyasa Yoga, the practice flows uninterruptedly and the movements are linked with the breath.   My classes are dynamic, energising and focus on the breath and correct alignment.  The practice becomes a moving meditation.

Whether they are Dharma Yoga or Vinyasa practices, my classes are challenging, inspired by my self-practice and teachers.  I always offer variations for all levels but also believe that it is important to be challenged because I can see in my own practice how far willpower and perseverance can take you in your Yoga journey.  Be ready to sweat, have fun and leave class feeling stronger and more peaceful, ready to face the challenges of your daily lives.

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